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The Craft Of The Cocktail: Everything You Need ... |WORK|

Esposito: Event cocktail catering is definitely not for everyone. When you are bartending at a traditional brick and mortar bar, everything is set up for you. It is easy to take for granted the perks of having a kitchen, a dishwasher, running water, a barback to assist you and to do the hard work of stocking your bar, and servers to take orders and pickup glassware. Prep work needs to get done pre shift but most of the time you can do it at a leisurely pace, then once your shift starts the harder you work the more money you make in tips. Event bar service is a completely different beast.

The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need ...

Not only do you have to provide great customer service to all guests but you also have to be willing to play the role of the bar back, the set up crew, and the clean up crew. Remember, everything you bring onsite needs to be unloaded set up and then broken down and reloaded out at the end of the event. At Snake Oil Cocktail, we hire staff based on personality and their ability to think on their feet. Anyone can be taught how to pour a great drink but very few can be taught how to be polite and how to play well as a team.

Released in June of 2014, The Bar Book was written to help bartenders and novice cocktail enthusiasts alike learn the proper techniques needed to craft high-quality cocktails. It was written by well-known bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler (of Clyde Common in Portland). The book gives readers in-depth examples of techniques, including creating garnishes, how to juice, carbonating cocktails, shaking and stirring. Link

There are many great choices for monthly craft cocktail subscriptions. Some companies send subscribers everything from the booze to the fresh citrus needed to be an expert home mixologist. Others allow subscribers to pick and choose what they want. Cocktail Courier includes the best of them all, offering plenty of flexibility and choices, with or without the spirits. Subscribers can customize their delivery schedule, add on glassware or bar tools, and skip months with no penalty.

Infusion kit containing everything you need to make 8 craft cocktails (16 if infused twice). Fill with 12 ounces of alcohol (or see Zero Proof), refrigerate 3 days, shake well and strain, and add 1.5oz shot to a splash of soda, juice and/or tonic. Enjoy for the next 30 days.

The Drink In Academy was set up in 2012 to give young and aspiring bartenders the training they need to step behind any bar in the world with confidence. Since then we trained and brought thousands of students to become masters of their craft and brought knowledge to thousands of lovers of beverage.

In the remote working era, we bring team building and corporate togetherness through a real, shared cocktail experience with fun virtual content. After you chose from one of our four courses (see below), we source everything you need for a real cocktail kit to your guests' front door so everyone can join our mixology class on zoom! 041b061a72


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