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Black She Male Stories HOT!

It was only when she emerged from the bedroom in a purple silk nightie that not only clung to her full breasts, but also betrayed the hint of a bulge between her legs, that I realised that it was actually going to happen: my fantasy of sleeping with a black shemale was about to come true. She paused at the bedroom door and smiled at me.

black she male stories

I'd been checking her out for a while on the website, but only for fun; I never thought I'd actually go ahead and meet her. It was a long-running fantasy of mine to be with a black tranny and occasionally I'd picture her while I jerked off. But I was in a relationship -- it was just escapism. Then my girlfriend and I broke up. At the back of my mind, throughout the trauma of her moving out, was the thought that now I could go ahead and do it, I could live out my fantasy, there was nothing stopping me now. Still, it took me a week of being on my own before I had the courage to go back on the site. I guess I knew that once I was on there, I wouldn't be able to hold myself back. So one night, after I'd had a beer or two, I opened my laptop and typed in the web address, then searched for her profile. I hovered the cursor over the e-mail address linked to her profile for a couple of seconds; then I clicked.

I needed no further encouragement. I dropped onto my knees in front of her, between her parted legs. I pulled the nightie up all the way and her cock sprang up. Finally I could see it: the dark, glossy shaft, darker than the rest of her skin, and the glistening bulbous head. It was huge -- and she still wasn't fully erect. I reached out to hold it. My small white hand made it look even bigger and blacker. I began to masturbate her, and she moaned; her head was leaning back to one side, her eyes closed, and her hands were playing with her tits. I was so horny. I had to have her cock in my mouth. I'd never sucked a cock before, but I'd imagined it many times. I pulled her foreskin down and gripped the base of the shaft. Then I brought my face close to her erect member and licked the tip of the glans. It was smooth, very slightly salty. I kissed the tip. But my mouth was dry, and I knew that if I was going to give her a good blow-job then I'd need more moisture. I reached for the glass of wine I'd poured and completely forgotten about and took a big gulp. As soon as I'd swallowed it, I wrapped my wet lips around the head of her penis and slid them down until I had the whole of that ripe black plum in my mouth. I heard her gasp.

I got on all-fours, my head facing the pillows. I felt the mattress dip as she climbed on the bed behind me. Then I heard the faint sounds of her putting on a condom and squeezing out some lube. The next thing I felt was the cold lube on my anus as she worked it round that area with her fingers. She dipped one inside me, then slid two in. Maybe she was testing to see how easily she'd fit. I was quite tight, but I had been preparing myself -- there was no way I was going to try to take a thick 8-inch black cock without some preparation, so I'd bought a dildo and used it regularly. Still, I was nervous.

She continued to ease herself into me gradually until I was full up. Then, slowly, she began to slide in and out. Very slowly at first. The pleasure was beginning to overcome the pain. I was starting to really enjoy the feeling of her cock inside me, her meaty black cock stretching my asshole. This was it, I was getting fucked by a black shemale. I moaned again, this time with pure pleasure. She picked up the pace a little. Her hands on my hips, she pumped herself into me rhythmically, filling me right up then easing out in a smooth motion.

She pulled her cock out of my ass, and I moved quickly to the edge of the bed, lying on my back and holding my legs wide behind the knees. She got off the bed and came round holding the lube, which she squirted onto her erection and onto her hand to rub around my anus again. This time I could watch as she stood and placed the tip of her shaft at the opening of my asshole and, her mouth open with pleasure, slid it inside me. It was much easier this time. I feasted my eyes on her breasts as she pounded into me; they bounced a little with each thrust and this set my prick, which was already hard, to the point of bursting. She reached down to jerk me off. With an asshole full of cock, a skilled hand-job and the sight of her black tits bouncing, I was in heaven. I groaned loudly, uncontrollably.

I love seeing my white fingers wrapped round a big black cock, I remember going for walk in the park 1 summer evening wearing a beautiful white rose printed dress & white 4" stilettos, coming across a Rory a black guy I knew, & we ended up chatting, anyhow after been led to a secluded park bench & we began snogging, well my hand strayed & I pulled out his huge black member, after sucking it for ages I ended up bent over the bench with my knees on the seat propping myself on the chair back, my dress & white lacey knickers lay discarded on the ground as Rory clamped his hands to my C cup tits after pulling my bra off, then proceeded to ram his throbbing cock into my boy pussy, God it felt good to be getting fucked as it has an air of extraordinary excitement been outdoors in public, a good while later Rory spun me around guided his cock to my mouth & carefully pumped his jizz down my throat as I willingly swallowed his cream Rory pull his jeans kissed me my cheek up & left leaving me there to contemplate our chance meeting in my stockings & high heels until I pulled my dress on & popping my knickers bra into my handbag as I headed off home feeling well & truly satisfied

Busty latina shemale Alexa Scout is with a black guy.He rubs her big butt and he then pulls out his black cock and lets her throat it passionately.In return he barebacks her tight juicy ass until he cums on her face.

Superb busty latina shemale Chanel Santini gets naked and jerks off her hardon.She facesits a guy to make him eat her ass while looking at her hard cock.He deepthroats it and she jerks them both off before she puts her cock in his ass to bareback him

Horny shemale and her guy are on the bed kissing each other. After that, she throats guys big cock passionately and in return, the guy licks her ass first to makes it wet before he fucks it so deep and hard.

Busty black shemale Gabriella F takes out her massive cock to show off.Its all hard and ready for the guy to suck off.Then she takes his one in her mouth to get it hard for her to bareback ride it.But she wants some too and anal reams him

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