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Schnapsen - 66 Online Cardgame: Erreiche als erster 66 Punkte und gewinne das Spiel

Schnapsen Spiel Gratis Download: How to Enjoy the Classic Card Game Online

If you are looking for a fun and challenging card game that is easy to learn but hard to master, you might want to try schnapsen. Schnapsen is a two-player trick-taking game that originated in Austria and is very popular in Central Europe. It is also known as Sixty-Six, 66, Santase, Bummerl, Sechsundsechzig, Snapszer, Šnaps, Soixante-six, and other names. In this article, we will explain what schnapsen is, how to play it, where to download it for free, and how to improve your skills.

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What is Schnapsen and Why is it Popular?

Schnapsen is a card game that uses a 20-card deck, consisting of the ace, ten, king, queen, and jack of each suit. The ace is the highest card, followed by the ten, king, queen, and jack. The game is played by two players who try to score at least 66 points by winning tricks and declaring marriages (pairs of king and queen of the same suit). The game has a trump suit that changes every round and can be used to win tricks over other suits. The game also has a special feature called closing the talon, which allows a player to end the round early if they think they have enough points.

Schnapsen is popular because it is a fast-paced game that requires skill, strategy, and concentration. It is also a social game that can be played with friends or strangers online or offline. Schnapsen has a rich history and culture, as it has been played for centuries in various countries and regions. It is considered the national card game of Austria and Hungary, and it has inspired many other games such as Bezique and Pinochle.

How to Play Schnapsen: The Basic Rules and Scoring System

The basic rules of schnapsen are as follows:

  • The dealer shuffles the deck and deals five cards to each player in batches of three-three or two-three. The next card is turned face up to determine the trump suit, and the remaining cards are placed face down on top of it to form the talon (the stock).

  • The non-dealer leads the first trick by playing any card from their hand. The other player must follow suit if possible or play any card otherwise. The trick is won by the higher card of the suit led or by the higher trump if any are played. The winner takes the trick and places it face down in front of them.

  • After each trick, the winner draws the top card from the talon, followed by the loser. The winner leads the next trick.

  • A player who holds the nine of trumps may exchange it for the face-up trump card before leading or following to a trick, provided that they have won at least one trick.

  • A player who holds a king and queen of the same suit may declare a marriage by showing both cards when leading one of them to a trick (but not when following). A marriage in trumps is worth 40 points, while a marriage in any other suit is worth 20 points.

  • A player may close the talon by turning over the face-up trump card before leading or following to a trick. This means that no more cards are drawn from the talon and that players must follow suit and try to win the trick if possible. Marriages are no longer declarable after closing the talon.

  • The round ends when either player reaches 66 points or more by winning tricks or declaring marriages and announces "out" or "game". Alternatively, the round ends when all cards have been played or when one player closes the talon and fails to reach 66 points.

  • The winner of the round scores one point if their opponent has 33 points or more, two points if their opponent has between 1 and 32 points, or three points if their opponent has no points at all. The first player to score seven points wins the game.

Where to Download Schnapsen for Free: The Best Apps and Websites for Online and Offline Play

If you want to play schnapsen on your computer or mobile device, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the best apps and websites that offer schnapsen for free:




Schnopsn Online

Android, iOS, Web

- Play online with other players or against the computer- Choose from different game modes and difficulty levels- Chat with other players and make friends- Earn coins and trophies and climb the leaderboard- Customize your avatar and card design

Schnapsen FREE

Android, iOS

- Play offline against the computer or with a friend on the same device- Choose from three difficulty levels and various rule options- Enjoy realistic graphics and sound effects- Track your statistics and achievements- Learn the rules and tips with the in-game tutorial


- Play online with other players or against the computer- Choose from different game variants and settings- Chat with other players and join clubs- Earn points and badges and rank up- Access the game from any browser without registration or download


- Play online with other players or against the computer- Choose from different game types and modes- Chat with other players and join tournaments- Earn coins and stars and unlock rewards- Access the game from any browser without registration or download

Schnapsen 66 Lite

Windows, Mac, Linux

- Play offline against the computer or with a friend on the same device- Choose from four difficulty levels and various rule options- Enjoy simple graphics and sound effects- Track your statistics and scores- Download the game for free from the official website

How to Improve Your Schnapsen Skills: Some Tips and Strategies for Winning More Games

Schnapsen is a game that requires both luck and skill. While you cannot control the cards you are dealt, you can improve your chances of winning by applying some tips and strategies. Here are some of them:

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  • Know the value of your cards. The ace and ten are the most valuable cards in schnapsen, as they are worth 11 and 10 points respectively. The king, queen, and jack are worth 4, 3, and 2 points respectively. The nine is worth zero points, but it can be exchanged for the trump card if you have it.

  • Keep track of the cards that have been played. This will help you plan your moves and anticipate your opponent's actions. You can use a pen and paper, a card counter app, or your memory to keep track of the cards.

  • Use your trumps wisely. Trumps are powerful cards that can win any trick over other suits. However, you should not waste them on low-value cards or tricks that you can win without them. Save your trumps for important tricks or when you need to score points quickly.

  • Close the talon at the right time. Closing the talon is a risky move that can end the round early if you have enough points. However, it can also backfire if you close too soon or too late. You should close the talon when you have a strong hand, a good lead, a clear advantage over your opponent, or when you are close to 66 points.

  • Be flexible and adaptable. Schnapsen is a dynamic game that can change quickly depending on the cards, the trump suit, and the actions of your opponent. You should be ready to adjust your strategy according to the situation. For example, you might want to play aggressively when you have a good hand, defensively when you have a bad hand, or cautiously when you are unsure.

Conclusion: A Summary of the Main Points and a Call to Action

Schnapsen is a fun and challenging card game that you can play online or offline with your friends or strangers. It is easy to learn but hard to master, as it requires skill, strategy, and concentration. You can download schnapsen for free from various apps and websites that offer different features and options. You can also improve your schnapsen skills by following some tips and strategies that will help you win more games. If you are interested in schnapsen, you should download it today and start playing. You will have a lot of fun and challenge yourself at the same time. Schnapsen is a game that you will never get bored of, as it always offers something new and exciting.

FAQs: Five Common Questions and Answers About Schnapsen

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about schnapsen:

Q: What is the origin of the name schnapsen?

A: The name schnapsen comes from the German word "schnappen", which means "to snap" or "to snatch". This refers to the action of taking a trick or a card in the game.

Q: What is the difference between schnapsen and sixty-six?

A: Schnapsen and sixty-six are very similar games, but they have some differences. The main difference is that schnapsen uses a 20-card deck, while sixty-six uses a 24-card deck. Another difference is that schnapsen allows the exchange of the nine of trumps for the trump card, while sixty-six does not. There are also some minor differences in the scoring and the rules.

Q: How can I play schnapsen with a standard 52-card deck?

A: You can play schnapsen with a standard 52-card deck by removing all the cards from two to eight of each suit. This will leave you with a 20-card deck that you can use for schnapsen. Alternatively, you can use a standard deck and agree with your opponent on which cards to ignore.

Q: How can I play schnapsen with more than two players?

A: Schnapsen is designed for two players, but you can play it with more than two players by forming teams or playing individually. For example, you can play with four players by forming two teams of two players each, or by playing individually and rotating partners after each round. You can also play with three players by having one player sit out each round or by playing individually and rotating partners after each trick.

Q: How can I learn more about schnapsen?

A: If you want to learn more about schnapsen, you can visit some of the websites and apps that offer schnapsen for free. They usually have tutorials, guides, tips, and forums that can help you learn more about the game. You can also read some books or articles about schnapsen, such as Schnapsen: The Art of Playing Well by David Parlett or Schnapsen: A Card Game for Two by George Coffin. You can also watch some videos or streams of schnapsen players online, such as Schnopsn Online on YouTube or Schnopsn on Twitch.

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